Download SMoKE Patch 5.2 + 5.2.2 Update PES 2013

Download SMoKE Patch 5.2 + 5.2.2 Update PES 2013 -  SMoKE Patch - Download SMoKE Patch 5.2 + 5.2.2 Update PES 2013 -  SMoKE Patch - Download Patch PES 2013 Update - Download PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.2 + 5.2.2 Update -  SMoKE Patch

Features SMoKE Patch 5.2 + 5.2.2 Update PES 2013:

 - includes latest konami data pack (DLC 6.00 - exe patch 1.04)
- optional exe 1.02 included (replace file in PES folder)
- removed blur

 - correct leagues names
- bundesliga replaces fake konami league
- correct emblems and league patchs
- complete real 2D teams replace fake teams (7 options):
(English nPower, Spain liga adelante, German 2. bundesliga, Italian Serie B, French ligue 2, Netherlands Eerste Divisie, south america league)
- correct leagues balls

 - added 18 new national teams (not available in BAL mode): (Albania, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Classic Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Palestine, India, Cape Verde, Togo,Philippines, Bahrain, Georgia, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Singapore)
 - added 16 new clubs (available in ML mode):
(Anzhi, Lok. Moscow, BATE, Basel, Young Boys,Rubin Kazan, Red star, Partizan, Aris, Viktoria Plzen,Trabonspor,Standard de liege, Genk, Hajduk Split, Steaua Bucuresti, all stars)
 - correct kits for all teams (full GDB folder)
- correct clubs logo by genko06
- correct national flags by ali.chila
- correct and updated squads
- revised clubs strategies and tactics 
- all teams have correct home stadium names
- most teams have special chants (HQ double channel) (Add-on)
 - correct radar color for all teams

 - revised stats for most players (SMoKE rating system)(not overrated, optimized for FL modes)
 - more than 850mb of real faces (3000 face/hair)
- assigned call names for a lot of players
- added more than 3000 new players
- correct personal attributes
- removed duplicated and fake players
- real goalkeeper gloves 

 - correct names for all stadiums
- add 20 various stadiums with game stadium editor
- all teams have correct stadium names
- new enhanced adboards- HD turfs for all stadiums (Add-on)

 - added and updated all boots (81 boots)
 - added and updated all balls (55 balls)
 - 6 optional scoreboards
- includes latest kitserver files
- updated referee kits
- correct trophies and cups
- real sponsors with logos (for all languages)
- new graphics 
- auto fix for directX errors 
- a lot of small enhancements


PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.2 (1.4 GB) :

Update PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.2.2 (250 MB) :


1. Unrar files (download all 8 parts, put in the same place then extract using latest winrar)
2. run (Setup 5.2.exe) and choose Install (add to antivirus exceptions before installing)
3. follow all installer steps
4. download and install latest smoke update

* delete old kitserver folder before installing the patch
* tested on the original game and (reloaded) version
* do not update from konami, the patch include the latest official updates
* starting a new saves is highly recommended due to new system files and stuff
* perform clean install for the game before installing the patch is recommended
* run the game as admin
* dont let AV block the installation of any file
* use only the exe provided with the patch

Tested on:
- PES 2013 official/original
- Windows XP SP2
- Windows XP SP3
- Windows Vista 32/64 bit
- Windows 7 32/64 bit
- Windows 8 32/64 bit

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